Crazy Few Days – Over a House

We almost bought the below hose today – What Crazy day.

We almost bought a very nice house, priced at under half or more of the listing price. It was priced so low because a conventional loan was not an option to purchase it due to condition. The house was priced at 63$ per Square foot. The comps sold in the last 6 months within 3 miles sold with at an average of 160$ per Square foot.

I want to move out of state, out of country actually. I’ve wanted to do this for a long time but Trenton has kept me here. The Trenton legal leash is about to expire due to age so I am getting ready to move in my mind. Michelle does not want to move out of state. We were talking one day a few weeks ago about where I would be willing to live in state and what I would want out of a house. On a whim I looked in those areas for land to build on. I saw 3 lots of land, and the house pictures above.

The house is on 12 acres, and priced where it was basically a free house after you bought the land. I sent it to Michelle and said we should look at it. We did some more research and the numbers looked awesome, the house looked great, and we need a place to move into sooner or later so we setup an appointment to go look at it today at 4:30 PM. Yesterday we drove out there to drive by before meeting with the realtor. The place was unlocked so we went through it, and fell in love with. The rooms were massive. The land was awesome. It was 90% of what we were looking for. The master 30×30 had a 12×12 hers and a 6×12 his closet. How awesome is that.

This morning I went online to look at the place again and it was pulled from the MLS. Called the realtor to find out what was up; he called the listing agent. Turns out the home was headed to online auction at and the auction ended at noon. We went online and started bidding. The site was kind of rude, when anyone makes a bid when there is less than 2 minutes it adds another minute to the auction. The auction went on for an extra hour due to our bidding war with some other bidder. In the end we hit our Max bid and stopped bidding.

We were very excited for the house, but super stressed to work out buying the place because we had to pay cash. After losing the auction we’re sad to not have the place, but relieved at the same time to not be buying it. Now we have time to properly get ready to for our next house instead of trying to put together a crazy deal in 40 days to make this house work. I would rather rent for a few years vs. buying something at this point in our lives.

Michelle found a few older pictures of what the house started off as. It’s been added onto / rebuilt completely a few times it looks like. Amazing to see how things changed for the place. Who knows what it would have looked like after being owned by Millers for a few years…

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