My Lost Camera

I lost my camera while we were in Centro America last year. I think it was borrowed from my backpack pocket. We bought the camera for the trip, and were not very happy when it went missing. I’ve not heard from my camera since it went missing. After upgrading my home laptop to Windows 8 this month I had not installed Eye-fi software. This morning I installed the software and set it download images to my laptop again. Looking in the Eye-fi center, what do I see, about 8 pictures from my camera taken from my missing this month. Well maybe not the camera, but at least they were taken on my Eye-fi card. The battery was about dead when I lost camera, and I still have the charger. I wonder if the pictures are from my camera or another camera. None of the images fully uploaded so I cannot look at the extended data, or GEOtagging yet. I will keep checking and maybe someday soon I will learn more about where my Eye-fi card, and camera are.

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