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I posted my first Amazon review today. Been buying there for years and always slacked on reviews. Finally read something I loved enough to review. Started writing it months ago, the author reminded me to post me last week so I finally got off my bum today and posted it while listing to a talk by Jim Whittaker.

The book I reviewed is The Hidden Europe: What Eastern Europe Can Teach Us by Francis Tapon.

I first Met Francis working at Microsoft. I had bought his first book Hike your own Hike and Francis stopped by my office to sign the book for me. I loved the book. Since then I’ve been following Francis and his travels drooling with envy over where he’s traveled, and how he has experienced those places.

Francis allowed me to read The Hidden Europe as he was writing it and provide feedback on the book. Reading as he wrote I felt compelled to provide some feedback as payment for the preview. Francis is a brilliant writer telling a very engrossing story. I had an extremely hard time finding anything other than overly positive feedback and awe to give back, like, When will the next chapter be done, Wow that was amazing, I was not able to put this chapter down, Your insight and research are impressive where do you even learn these things – I don’t care keep sharing.

To me The Hidden Europe is a travelogue, history, and current events book about less visited eastern European countries written by a true traveler who spends time to meet the people, learn who they are, learn their langue, their history, and their current issues. Francis takes of this then regurgitates it in an informative, fun to learn story filled with real facts, his stories, and his point of view. After the book came out I love it so much I bought it and read it again.

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