Charlotte Week

Tuesday Michelle dropped me at the airport where I boarded a direct flight to Charlotte North Carolina to hang out with the other half of my work team. Read through “the millionaire next door” and “Bringing down the house” on the flight out here. I’ve read the first book before via audio book on a road trip, and watched the movie based on the second book. Both books were good, but now I need to buy a few more for the flight home in case I cannot sleep. I only have a slight chance of not sleeping Judging by my fitbit stats for last night I should be pretty tired when tomorrow 7am rolls around and I am on a plane. It would appear that I managed maybe 1 REM cycle out of the 4 hours I was in the bed, and the 3 hours I spent sleeping.

Beyond the lack of sleep I’ve had a great time out here getting to know in person people I’ve been working with for the better part of a year. The relationships become much stronger after you meet in person and you’re able put a face to the name and have real in person conversations. Coming out here has helped me build the relationships with my team. I feel that it will make us all stronger and more effective as a group. Yeah! The offices in Charlotte are setup like a cube farm. Where everyone has their own cube. In Redmond we share one big room. There are pluses and minuses, but I prefer the open room in Redmond. The cube rows in Charlotte are not large enough to allow an entire team to share a single row so the teams have to spread out a bit. I wanted to be in with all of the action so I found a mobile command center on wheels to spend most of my time.

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