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Kev the slacker – Big piles of things have happened since my last update here, it’s super slow at work on a Saturday and I have a few hours to kill, and I don’t want to write anymore documentation on how to troubleshoot Exchange 2013. As a result it’s time for a sweet blog post update thing. Last time we checked in with out fearless Miller family Kevin was off to Charlotte visiting some coworkers. Since them the follow stuff has happened:

  • We had Mila Miller – Our totally awesome well behaved Daughter. Michelle and I now have a matching set of kids. The boy, Maddex, and now Mila the girl. I went to buy Mila’s domain name one night after her birth and it was already taken by some asshat. I got all pissed off until Michelle reminded me “you already bought it months ago” I looked at Dreamhost and turns out I was the asshat and I had already bought it. Mila is up to three states now in her 4 weeks of life. We need to get her out more. My counselor had a kid around the same time. He stole out name and named his Daughter Mila as well. Mutter.
  • Clint and Ang had a baby boy the same day we had Mila. Used the same doctor. We had rooms across the hallway from each other. Kind of cool.
  • Maddex keeps growing and working new skills, like stacking things to climb, learning to fly the helicopter, saying a bunch of words, helping dad cook, helping mom do chores around the house, and generally being awesome. He went from the 0.014 percentile for size last year to being in the 50th percentile now. He caught right up once we started feeding him real food.
  • Michelle and I bought a huge chunk of land in Olalla where we’ve started to build HappyCompound- the future home of our branch of the Miller family. Work affords me three days a week of off time we’re going to dedicate a great deal of that time to working on the property. So far we’ve started the paper work to have power installed, Marty and I spent a day in face height stinging nettles and we located the corners and surveyed the land. We’ve cleared about 2 football field’s worth of property to build on.
  • Mila went on her first road trip to Vancouver WA for a wedding. Then we went over to Cour D’Alene, and Flathead Lake for a long weekend. She did great in the car on the trip. Maddex is very good in the car. Getting to sleep in a hotel room can be a challenge as is timing his naps vs. getting to places. Other than those issues he is a total road trip warrior. In my mind Montana has always been like 18 hours away. After driving it I now know it is not 18 hours, and it is close enough to visit for a long weekend. Glacier we will soon visit you.
  • Michelle’s parents stayed with us for about 4 weeks while Michelle was recovering from her C-Section. It was awesome having them stay with us. We are missing them all over the place now that they have missed. They bought their fifth wheel up and stayed in that at nights and in the house by day while I was working to take care of Michelle. On weekends I was off they took off and did their own things.
  • Upgraded almost all of my computers to Windows 8, and I did a pretty big datacenter migration for one of my customers.

Now for the best part, some pictures.

Maddex helping with the some firewood

Me Slaying a massive stump at the property

Mila hanging out around a lake

Maddex Mila and I overlooking Kerr dam at the bottom of Flathead

Michelle’s parents moving in

Maddex looking like he did not just cover his face in chocolate



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