September Update

September was an entertaining month in the Miller world. The bullets then some pictures

  • Trenton was kicked out of his house, moved in with us for a week, then his mom made him back, and he now he lives with his grandmother; DRAMA; It was a fun week. We changed his school, had to buy him clothing, school supplies, and food and stuff. Shopped for cars for him and the family then it all ended. No new cars, and clothing sitting on his bed. Thankfully he’s been back over a few times since and we seem to be getting back to a normal relationship after our year off.
  • Last weekend we bought Trenton an older rx7 convertible. After telling him all about the Wankel engine and letting him listen to one and tempting him with drift school he HAD to have one. Had to have one so bad he took on a job to make some money to help pay for the thing. Somehow it was cheaper for me to insure Trenton then I ever dreamed possible. Less than 100$ a month for a 16 year old; Crazy. When I was his age I was paying like 150$ a month to insure my car.
  • Maddex is working on becoming more and more independent. Which is turning into tantrums when he does not get his way or is not able to do things the way he wants too. No clue where he gets his stubborn streak from; might possibly be from both parents? Along with the tantrums his vocabulary is growing leaps and bounds; which is nice because he can almost communicate what he wants.
  • Maddex continues to love to help in the kitchen. He has a chair next to the counter he stands on to help us cook. He has his own little cutting board and a knife he uses to cut things. He helps me open cans if we have to open any. He helps pour if anything needs to be poured. I am sure his favorite part is sampling everything as we prepare the meal.
  • Mila has started to lift her head up more, smile and make sounds – still in the boring stage if you ask me.
  • We took a road trip. Trip was supposed to be a few weeks but we only made it a week before Momma and the kids became too sick for their to be any fun in the trip. Maddex was prenominal in the car; entertained himself and never fussed. Mila on the other hand was not super brilliant we are going to work on training her better. On the trip we made it to Idaho to Visit the Arnolds. Aunt Christy made Maddex a cake he demolished during the eating process. From Idaho we spent 2 nights in Reno and a day in Tahoe. Ended up driving all the way around the lake as the kids slept in the car. This is when they were starting to become sick. From Tahoe we drove to Santa Cruz to play on their board walk thing. The board walk was shut down. No one was there. It was totally deserted. Very odd and 28 days later feeling. From Santa Cruz we powered 16 hours home to get everyone in their own beds, and begin the no more sick process. We stopped at a number of play lands in parks and McDonalds along the road to give Maddex a break and us the rest rooms. A nice trip, but way too short
  • The Gate house is coming along at the property. Finally have all of the roof elements completed to roof this weekend. Then we’ll be fully dried in before the rain starts and everything to turns to mud. Still no word from Potelco with a cost or install date for power; Running off of generators is annoying, and the lack of power install is holding up a number of other projects like finishing off the road with gravel, installing some water lines, and working on the stump piles.
  • It was review time at Microsoft and I managed in the top 20% of the company. Good for me. Love my job and my job seems to love me. At this rate I will actually make it to 2 years in the same role. Crazy how life changes.

Maddex working on eating his cake; concentrating very hard

Maddex giving his cousin a bit of a hug

Aunt Christy Keeping Mila from making too much noise

All of the kids on the couch

Michelle trying to imitate what a zombie would look like in the deserted Santa Cruz boardwalk

Trenton showing off is car and Maddex checking the tires

Trenton has no fear of heights, he went right up the ladder and did not want to come down

The gate house shrouded in a dust cloud. Dust soon to be replaced with mud when it rains

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