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Ever see an eventid 2080 and wonder what all of the numbers mean?? There are two things to note in the information provided in the EventID to help you read the results.

  1. The top circled box in the image is the key for the information in the lower circled box. From Left to right separated by a pipe; consider these items column heads for each entry in the second circled area
  2. The second circled area is the results of a domain controller query. Exchange uses this information to work out which DC’s it can use for X services.

The following KB describes in detail what each number of the returned data means http://support.microsoft.com/kb/316300.

The Trivia bit is how the 7,s are worked out. The exchange team uses this technique all over the place to save configuration information.  The first 7 in the string is the reachability data for the given DC. A 7 means that the server is reachable for the following services.

  1. 1 = GC
  2. 2 = DC
  3. 4 = CDC

Based on the numbers assigned to each possible result outlined above. A 3 in the reachability section would mean the server is reachable for DC and GC but not CDC. Each possible result is assigned a numeric value and the values are added together to create the result. Based on the numbers there are only a limited number of outcomes, and a single possible configuration can be extracted from each final result.

Examples for Reachability — 6 can only be a 4 and a 2 | 3 can only be a 1 and a 2 | 5 can only be a 4 and 1 and so on.

Why did I write this? – I worked an on an Exchange 2003 to 2010 upgrade issue resolved after working out one of the domain controllers was not accessible for the GC role  it was advertising. A 6 in the Reachability results helped me track down the issue.

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