Another Update and Stuff

Been a pretty crazy few months in the Miller house. Below are some bullets and Pictures

  • Trenton is back living with us again. Hopefully for good this time. As always with him Time will tell.
  • Traded Trenton’s Rx7 for a Kawasaki z1000 Liter bike, Liter bike. Trenton keeps asking to ride it and I keep telling him he needs her permit first. It’s a great excuse to say no with, but he is getting close to taking the course and getting his permit. I sure hope we sell the bike before he manages to become legal. I know how insane your mind can get on a bike with so much power. I’ve already had it up 100 on one wheel and 130 on two wheels. Don’t want to think about what a 16 year old will want to do. We traded for the bike because it is worth more than twice what we paid for the car. Should be able to sell it quickly and make some money off of the deal
  • Made some progress at the property. Put a window in the gatehouse to let more light in, dug the ditch for the power conduit, installed the conduit, and installed all of the service panels, a plug, and some lights. Dad laid some gravel down on the road, and made a gravel pad where we had a 20 foot container delivered for additional storage. Found a container for 1400$ vs. a new one at 3500$ so we jumped on it. It’s not the prettiest container on the block, but we have 15 gallons of black paint from the Oregon auction we can use on it once we have a dry day. The container is water tight; that is all that really matters.
  • Michelle continues to cook dinners and is always kicking things up a notch. Last week so cooked us a bacon weave wrapped pork loin, with some asparagus for dinner. Bloody brilliant!
  • Maddex is on the path to being potty trained. Hopefully we can finish him by the end of the year.
  • Mila is on sleep training, and starting to fall into a nap schedule and sleep through the night better.
  • Michelle had her first day off this weekend. Trenton and I took the kids for the day while Michelle vanished from the house and went out writing. She had a very good day cranking out about 6000 words of juicy content.

Maddex dressed up in his signature colour wear a touk ready for a walk in the cold

The two 200 amp service panels in the gate house almost ready to go

Trenton modeling in front of the new window he helped install

Trenton showing off our new bike after we brought it home

Trenton and Michelle working on the Bacon weave for the pork loin

Trenton checking out and cleaning the new container after we had it delivered

I made Trenton wear a respirator mask while cleaning the container. He gave me the evil eye after he was done. He might also be sporting a Mohawk for the week.


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