Hand Foot Mouth

While we were off on our winter road trip to the lands down south where it is warm out Maddex contracted something called Hand Foot Mouth. To me it looked like small pox or something. To our doctor it looked like no big deal it will clear up in a few weeks. Hand Foot Mouth is an RNA virus in the cox family of viruses. Symptoms presented as a mild fever for a few days then the onset of the pox marks followed by scabbing of all of the marks. Three weeks later Maddex is about 90% back to normal with only a few red marks where the scabs are finishing their healing process.

The fever was a bummer because Maddex wanted to be held all the time and sleep with us. The helding was not too bad. The sleep was something else. Maddex Sleeps a bit like a pack of dogs fighting. He rolled all over the place, he would kick his legs, crawl on top of us, and basically make it next to impossible to sleep. The first night Michelle slept with Maddex at my parents house, then I spelt Maddex on the couch bed so Michelle could sleep, the next night I tried to sleep through it because I had work in the morning. Once the fever was over the pox marks started to cover Maddex and we took him to the Doctors.

Maddex had been vaccinated for chicken pox which nearly eliminated those as the cause, so we took him in to work out what was wrong. The Doctor knew right away what it was and said it was not bad at all. Somehow other than looking bad the marks did not bother Maddex at all. There were a few times he tried to wash them off with a rag or in the bathtub, but for the most part he did not itch, and he was not bothered at all.

The start of it where he was covered with small chicken pox like looking things

Next week when all of the pox marks scabbed over.

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