Building Update – Racked

Maddex came out Sunday morning and helped me at the property until his grandparents picked up him for the rest of the day. He did the best he could being helpful. Once I wrestled the torch from his hands and I convinced him to not burn the place down he was very helpful fetching tools for me, and eating the snacks I’d packed for him.

After Maddex took off, between Sunday and Monday, I ran more wire, put in some lights and plugs, mounted a half rack on the wall, installed cameras and sensors, setup a kitchenette area, set a toilet and a shower, and built some more walls. A productive weekend was had for sure. Math was even used in parts of the wiring to figure out load, determine required wire gauge, and breaker size. Who knew Math would come in so handy when building things

For the kitchenette area I mounted the microwave and toaster oven in a bit of a staggered stair like formation above the fridge. The Microwave is in front and highest and the toaster is mounted below and behind the microwave above the stove. In the picture below I’ve not yet mounted to toaster but you can kind of see the layout.

The rack currently holds the amp for the indoor and outdoor speakers, as yet to be mounted, an alarm and camera control system, the mobile command center wireless router soon to be hooked up to a cellular modem, some power distribution, and eventually a home server to monitor stuff. I ordered an arm from monoprice to mount a monitor on to display the cameras.

Last thing I accomplished for the weekend was cleaning. I did not organize anything yet because I still need to move some shelves around a bit, but I did make it look presentable for my Babies next visit. We are hoping to be out next week just the two of us for a day. We should be able to do some major organization with the two of us out there.

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