Maddex the Cooker

Maddex loves to help Michelle and In the kitchen. He has his own spot on the island where we’ve placed a chair for him to stand on so he is the right height to help. Whenever we are there he’s there with his cutting board and knife helping us prepare things, and sampling along the way. As parents we feel it is our mission to encourage Maddex to learn, explore and to feel like he is part of our world. We do everything we can to encourage things he enjoys and figure out ways to spend time with him. This summer I bought Maddex some special knives made for kids, and Michelle found him some nice mini cutting board. The knives aren’t sharp enough to cut him without trying to, but they are serrated so they cut vegetables and other things just fine. As a bonus for Maddex the knives look very similar to the ceramic knife I use as my primary knife.

The knife set we bought him is from a company called Curious Chef, a brilliant company with some brilliant for kid cooking products – we bought their three piece knife set form Amazon. The knives are designed to be safe, and they are designed to work with tiny kid hands; Maddex loves them. For xmass this year Maddex received a number of cooking related gifts. One of the gifts was a Chef’s hat and an apron. In the below images you can see Maddex showing off his knife, and new cooking uniform. To encourage him to leave the uniform on I put on my hat and Clint’s apron to match Maddex.

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