My work Servers in Lego

On walk about the other day in building 2 and I found a Lego representation of the servers my group manages. The Lego datacenter was built by master builder Sean Kenney, the world’s first certified Lego Engineer. During the work week, when I have the time too, I do my best to always use a different wash room when I need to tinkle – I try to stretch the numbers out and not repeat for the week. This forces me to move more, and it lets me explore other buildings and find cool things around campus.

Behold the awesome power of the Office 365 servers

The servers in the containers in the data center over the backup power with the datacenter monkeys to the left working on drive replacements

Representation of the Hydro power plant used to generate power for some of our datacenters

The city street near the data center housing some of the additional engineers for the service

Different angle of the Hydro plant – you can see a security guard walking around the datacenter protecting all of the electrons

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