We have Water

Hooked up the power to the well this weekend, ran pipe from the well to a box near the shed, then ran some more pipe to a hydrant mounted on the side of the building – ran the water for a half hour to clear the lines then tasted it; not too bad at all. The water does not have the sulfur / rotten egg smell my parents well water used to have growing up before they swapped to city water. After running all of the water lines I was finally able to fill in all of the trenches that have been there for months. Was a very productive weekend.

My father is in full on Grandpa mode with Maddex having a blast spending time with Maddex. He escalated things over the weekend. Maddex has been playing on the forklift during the day. He even had dinner on it one night when we ate in the garage. Feeling that Maddex needed some new toys Grandpa brought both excavators into the garage Monday night. Maddex had a blast playing on the big boy toys. Dad’s garage, being a real man’s garage, can fit all three machines with plenty of room for a living room and a few cars to park.

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