La Push Weekend 2/2014

Saint Basi flew out on a Tuesday night in February to interview at Microsoft on a Wednesday. Before coming out we offered to put him up at our place for the week while he was out here. He also mentioned something about wanting to put his feet in the Pacific Ocean. Michelle and I love adventure so we offered to take him out to werewolf land in La push on Friday after his interviews were all wrapped up. We rented a house at the Indian reservation on the water for night.

The plan was to leave our place early in the morning and take the Kingston Edmonds ferry across. While walking the kids around the neighborhood Thursday night Michelle decided we needed to head over to the PO for the night and stay the night to save some time and avoid traffic. Brilliant idea if you asked me so that is what we did. Gave St Basi a chance to check out the Original Miller compound, meet my parents and see a bit of where I came from. We took off from the Rants house Friday morning and drove to the Property to drop off Basi’s rental car and move stuff around from trailer to car.

On the way to La Push, in Sequim, we stopped for some Papa Murphy pizza for dinner, snacks, apples, and French bread and cheese for lunch. We made it to the ocean around one and it was almost sunny out. Perfect day for a nice walk on the beach. While walking on the beach we came across an odd water feature I’d never seen before. A creek ran into the rocks at the top of the beach under a large snag, and about 100 feet down the beach towards the water it came out of the gravel, ran about 100 feet then vanished back into the gravel

Truly a bizarre water feature. We spent some time looking at it, pushing the sides in playing with the well lubricated rocks, and watching the rocks run down the creek under the water pressure. Maddex spent all of that time tossing rocks into the water. A bit further down the beach Maddex was in the back pack and I was handing him rocks and letting him toss them in the water. I bent down to pick up a rock for him with my back turned towards the waves and I was struck about knee deep by a wave. HOLLY HELL was the water cold. Oddly my feet started to warm up shortly after becoming drenched in the water.

Stephen said he wanted to put his feet in the pacific, after watching how cold it was for me he changed his mind. Stephens’s flight is set to leave at 1:31pm Saturday afternoon. At the beach house we have no cell phone reception. After dinner we drove about 15 minutes down the road to find cell phone reception and try to rework Stephens’s ticket. 350$ was the cheapest we could find so we decided to bag the change and we’ll leave around 6:30 or so in the morning back to the property and let St Basi continue onto the airport and fly home.


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