Swings Week One

Valentine’s Day week marks my first week moving from a morning shift (5am to 3pm) to a swing shift (1pm to 11pm). Today is my last day of the work week, and it was not nearly as bad as I thought it would be. My natural wake up time going back as long as I can remember, grade school, has been to wake up before it is light out; before 7 around 5 or 6 am. The day shift schedule was my ideal working schedule. My reasons for moving to swing are for life style and location changes more than they are for my sleep schedule.

Moving to Olalla means an hour long commute in good traffic. Coming home at 3pm during the week, trying to change from 520 to 405 then travel down 405 to I5 means my hour becomes two hours on average. Our kids, like dad, are morning people. Michelle not much of a morning person. Being home in the morning has had a very positive effect on Michelle. She is able to sleep in as I am up at 6 with the kids, and I get some great time with the kids when they are in their prime happiest moods.

When we move to the property full time this summer to kick up the building process I’ll have the coolest part of the day to work in; from 7am to 11am. Much better than trying to work at the end of the day in direct sunlight sweating my balls off, and burning my retinas. Michelle, being the night person, is most productive at nights after the kids go to bed. I want to snuggle up and watch TV or do other things to monopolize her time when I am home at nights; “honey pay attention to me”. Without me there, and the kids in bed by 7 she has 3 or so hours of alone time in the house to accomplish all of her stuff and decompress for the day. She is vastly more productive, and, as a result of that, feels better about herself. Add in the extra sleep in the morning and my wife is much more happy.

The shift itself has been a great deal more entertaining than I was expecting it to be. The day shift by far has the most excitement customer wise because it is when the majority of our customers are online and working. I’m still here soon enough to be involved in some of those fun issues, and it seems like there are plenty of things coming up during my shift needing some Kev love. As the week has gone on I’ve mostly adjusted to the new sleep pattern; about a one to two hour shift to the clock wise. You can see my sleep disruption mellow out as the week progresses with the below FitBit data.

BOTTOM LINE || I am feeling good about this move.

Friday night

Thursday night

Wednesday night


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