Rancho De Coasta

Cabo, not super awesome as a place. However, the sailing trip we went on was awesome. Great views, nice wind, we saw hump back whales, went snorkeling, and had some great food. From Cabo we drove a few hours north near La Paz to a place called Rancho De Coasta. It’s Mr. Gary Wagner’s beach villa. Between all of the houses at the villa we’ve no problem sleeping about 26 people in brilliant comfort. The sheets on our bed are better than the sheets we have at home. Michelle is going to be tasked with getting us a matching set of sheets. Great sheets and amazing view from your room to wake up too. Snapped the below picture at about 6 when I rolled out of bed, went out on the balcony and read for an hour.

Gary, and the neighbor Steve Games own about 5000 acres down here making their own private beach cove and golf course. There is something to be said for being able to build where there are no building codes. You can build / setup anything you want. Most places down here abuse the lack of codes and build substandard things that last less than 5 years before they need major repairs or start to fall apart. At the villa it looks like Gary built things to last as best as he could with salt in the air on the water. The walls are thick, the beams are large, and there is nothing falling apart minus the expected rust on some metal.

This place is about 50 feet above the water on the top of a sandy hill. You can walk down some stone stairs and you’re on the sand in your own private beach cove. Michelle and I walked for a mile or so along the sand last night and only ran into one couple from Chicago out ridding ATV’s on the beach. Walking on the beach is one thing. Walking on a gorgeous beach with no one else on it takes the walk to an entirely new level. Right now it’s 8 in the morning local time and I have the entire front patio around the pool area to myself; Everyone else is sleeping.

If you do the math on the beach Villa it comes out to less than 70$ per person to stay here for night, a steal if you ask me for what you get out of the deal. Three kitchens, 40 foot rout palm from roof covered gazebo to hang out under, plenty of bed rooms, pool, hot tub, outdoor bar and cooking area, access to the beach and spectacular views. What more could you ask for? – I guess you could ask for more time. We’re only here for 2 more nights.


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