I Made a Man

I made a new made tonight out of thin air. The boys on the day shift had a busted foosball man sitting on a table. I happened to notice to man, then math happened in my head and I realized, I live in the future and I can printer 3d objects. Microsoft has a tinkerer space in building 4, next door to me in 3, we call the Garage. For reference see the following links; Here or here and or of course this one as a great title here. The Garage has a 3d printer available for all to use. I went to Thingiverse, download someone else’s foosball project, loaded the STL file into UP on the 3d printer controller and clicked print. About an hour and a half later the below man was waiting for me on the printer. He is close to the real thing – with some trim, cleanup, and colouring he might just work.

The workstation and total setup looks a bit like this

If the small 3d printer is not cool enough, across the room is someone’s one meter 3d printer science fair project.

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