Promotolated at work

Start of March is Mid-year check in at Microsoft. At Mid-year we check in with management to work out how well we are doing against our yearly commitments, and adjust them as needed. This year I received a surprise promotion at my check in. Not going to complain at all. Today the promotion announcements for the org went out. The little blurb included about me makes me feel a bit like Rhino.





Kevin Miller

Kevin is a technical lead with the Dedicated Operations team providing technical incident and escalation support. Kevin is the type of engineer that runs towards the fire to put it out and do so in the shortest amount of time. He consistently shows the ability to diffuse a tough situation with a customer and put Microsoft on good terms with the customer at hand. Kevin’s received multiple Kudos, requests for nomination for awards, and anecdotal feedback around being relieved when he joins bridges as real progress will immediately follow. Kevin’s also been responsible for great work helping drive long-running investigations to closure through partnering with the Service Engineering teams and identifying connections across multiple customers to raise visibility on a systemic service issues. Kevin is widely recognized for his technical aptitude, passion for problem solving and relentless drive for customer satisfaction.



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