Bad foot door Weekend

Easter weekend started off well enough with our big family Easter egg hunt. It always nice to catch up with and friends. Took a few people out to our property and showed off a bit; that too was nice. Then Monday morning everything went a bit shitty. I had been in my shed at noon the day before – before 8:00am the next day someone had come in and cut the cable holding my gate shut, kicked in my door and stolen at least 10k worth of tools and copper wire I had stored in there. They also used some of my own tools to remove the camera box from where it was stored in to make sure I could not see them on the cameras.

Spent most of the day installing new door, reinforcing it with steel – putting in a new gate at the road vs. 100 feet down a gravel drive in the woods, and setting a simple contacts to siren alarm system while the cellular one I ordered is shipped.  Now you have to make it through 2 gates held shut with ¾” steel chain and the biggest pad locks I could find. After everything was a bit more secure I went home and sulked. No insurance on this one. I had asked Michelle a few times to get it and she had not made the time yet; we have insurance now. On the bright side I get to buy some new tools, and Michelle will have some perimeter alerting at nights when I am still at work; ordered some driveway sensors?

 Shopping for alarm system was not very fun – I wanted GSM cell phone unit to call me, 3 sensors, and a siren. I found something for 400$ but it is not perfect. If I wanted to build something I am betting I could do it for 150$ if I coded the alarm system myself on a Raspberry pi and hooked it up to a GSM shield but I am lazy. If only I knew some students who needed a project.

New chain across the drive way right at the road. Now you have to travel past 2 locked gates to make it to the house

The door I came back too which is now all steel in the jam

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