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My morning shift allowed me to visit the cafeteria’s on campus for breakfast with unlimited Bacon, and Lunch with all kinds of options. I ate fairly similar meals every day and paid via a meal card. Working swings the cafeterias are only open for an hour or so from when I first arrive, and most days I’m not overly hungry start of the shift. When I started out here I was bringing food to eat. The food I bought kept ending up sitting in the fridge until it died because food magic was providing for me. I tried to resist at first but I’ve now fully given in and I’ve accepted that magic will provide food for me.

I say food magic because food seems to present itself to me on a nightly basis. Sometimes I do have to pay for it, but most times it is simply provided. Like I’ll find some pizza or donuts or box lunches left over in a room. Someone else will order too much food and they offer me their left overs. Someone else will bring something in for everyone to eat; chili was bought in for the entire team last Saturday. Food is magically provided for me at work. The below image is of Maddex and I playing Air Hockey tonight. He was the bringer of food magic tonight. He came with his mom and sister to bring me dinner.


A few Examples from the last week.

Today – I showed up for work and Kellie from the shift before me went to Paseos and picked up food for her shift. Along with her shift she got me a sandwich; started the work with a fucking awesome sandwich. A sandwich that rivals some of the best 4 shot orgasm nights I’ve had. About five hours later Michelle and kids showed up with some chicken and cheese from Safeway. We ate and played Air hockey in building 36. On the walk back to the building we ran into Brandon who had chocolate smore cupcakes his wife made he was bringing into the office. A few hours later another coworker showed up some Pizza offering me a cheese stick.

Yesterday – Showed up to work planning on heading to buy something in the café. One coworker hooked me up with half of their Hurphys fries, then another coworker gave me half of theirs. About an hour later Kellie had an extra bacon cheese burger she offered me, which I accepted. The burger and fries were more than enough food to keep me happy for the rest of the night.

Thursday – Michelle picked up a Papa murphy’s pizza before work and I had a few slices so I was not too interested in lunch. Around 5 or so when I was hungry a coworker went to taco bell and came back with some extra tacos for me.

Wednesday – Showed up to work planning on having some soup from the café for lunch while sitting in my shit meeting. Those plans happened. Later on in the Night an eX 3sharp coworker found me online and offered to take me out to dinner. She picked me up around 5:30 and we went into Redmond for dinner.

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