Maddex the Eatinator

Mr. Maddex Martin is a skilled eater. His sister is following right along in his footsteps. Working swings means he and I are the first ones up in the mornings and we get to cook breakfast together. Our typical morning starts between 6-7 when I get him out of this crib. We head into the kitchen where Maddex climbs up on his chair on the counter and we start cooking. For the last few weeks he’s been starting his day off with Pistachios. For a little kid he’s skilled at opening the shelled. I make myself eggs, beans, and Spicy sausage. Mila gets half of a banana, oat meal, steal cut oats, kid’s oatmeal, and a bit of formula all mixed-up so she can swallow it.

Typical Mila breakfast

Maddex gets some Oatmeal, one egg and spicy sausage, half of a banana, unpeeled because he has to peel it, a glass of milk and normally some little extra bit of nuts, fruit, or a treat. By the time we are done cooking breakfast Mila wakes up and we all sit in the living room and eat together; Maddex in his chair buckled in, and Mila on my lap so I can feed her. Mila cleans her bowl out, and Maddex, depending on the morning, eats from 90-100% his food then asks for more.

Typical Maddex breakfast

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