Maddex can walk again

The Eldest of Kid of round two, Maddex, spent three weeks in a cast after an unfortunate accident involving his mother and a spring loaded surface at the property. They were playing while I was in a building working. She called me after the incident on the radio to have me come look at him since he would not walk on it or stop crying. We spent the rest of the day at my parents’ house then headed home in the evening to take him to a doctor the next day to have it looked it. Doctor “thought” it might a fracture but was so small we could not tell. They had is head over to Children’s for a second opinion the next day and to have a cast put on if needed.

Children’s had the same results; might be a fracture hard to tell. Doctor there said “Let’s put him in a cast and find out in 3 weeks“. Maddex, like his older brother, picked Pink for his cast. He was awesome with the doctors. Almost tell sleep while they put the case on he was relaxed. I am sure it had to do my awesome bed side manor

Took him about a day to work out that he could walk in his cast, another day to get used to it, then there was no stopping him again. – his best line ” I CAN WALK!!, now I don’t need you anymore.” The hardest part of the cast was keeping him out of the dirt and sand. Don’t want too much dirt in that thing because it is going to itch him. We took a few weeks off of going to the property and working while he healed. Michelle put a calendar up on the white board in the living room to track the days to the cast coming off. We would check off a day each morning until it was finally time. Off to children’s we went to have the cast removed. After the cast came off and we tried multiple times to wash the stink off of Maddex’s leg we had another X-ray. This time you could clearly see the fracture based on where the new bone had grown.

Per doctors order Maddex was to be in a boot for a week then he can walk all he wants. We made it about 5 days until the boot went missing to be replaced with rubber boots, Grandma’s idea, then down to nothing and Maddex again said ” I can walk!!” and off his going back to near full recovery. In a month or so the limp will be gone and you won’t even notice what happened to him

Mom being dramatic about the smell with his cast off – well not too dramatic that thing stunk.

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