Trenton Building Stuff

My Eldest son had the opportunity to work with his grandpa today and refine some construction skills. They were able to frame up 4 walls and do most of the sheeting. Over the weekend the boy and I worked on a number of other projects. We wired up a 20 amp plug for an A/c unit; he did all of that work on his own minus the in panel work. He is still a bit nervous working around 200 amps in an open panel. I did that work for him because I am ok with his caution around big amps. Then we mounted an on demand hot water heater and plumbed up a shower with some PEX and copper. I had the opportunity to teach him to sweat a copper fitting and crimp PEX. It’s brilliant being able to teach him some new skills that will help him be more of a manly man in his future.

A few pictures of his progress with his grandpa

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