Summer Break 2013

Yesterday was Trenton’s last day of school, and today is my last day of work for the summer. He has three months off, I have 5 weeks off. We planning to spend the month at the property prepping the place to start building in the fall. It was too complicated to buy money to build a house ourselves. Banks being nervous they want a fully licensed and bonded contractor on the loan to let you build on raw land. The people I know who build no longer carry the correct papers to build on raw land so that did not work out. We’ve decided to hunker down cut a huge chunk of spending, break in savings and build out of pocket over the course of the next year. –

Last month off Microsoft gave us we spent a month in Central America – this month will not be as exciting, but it will be a big step towards setting up our future home where we plan to raise the clan. The big adventures for the break will be some hiking. Maddex is up to about 3 miles at a jogging pace before he wants to be carried.



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