Second Month off

Microsoft is very nice to employees when it comes to time off. When you have a child they allow both parents to take a month off paid infant care leave (ICL). The rules for the leave are you have to take all four weeks off at once, no less is allowed, and you have to take the month off before your baby is one. Saturday the 20th, tomorrow for me writing this, Mila May turns 1 year old. Tomorrow is also the last day of my paid ICL. We had a month off with Maddex in 2012; we spent that month in Centro America backpacking.

Since then we’ve bought a bunch of land in Olalla and are in the process of building a new compound to raise our growing family and continue our goals of world domination by creating genetically superior children raised on pinky and the brain and Miller values. It’s been a busy month off; I’m looking forward to heading back to work on Wednesday to have some time off. Now for the list of the things we accomplished on the month off followed by some pictures

  1. Tore the AC out of the Metro; Worked out, after ordering stock replacement parts, that none of the parts are stock for the AC. Ordered the second batch of replacement parts over the phone ( they did not take internet orders) from some guy in Florida. Still waiting on the parts to show up so I can finish
  2. We sold Trenton’s RX7 that leaked more oil than it should have
  3. Sold Michelle’s Lancer. Funny story here. Michelle and I came to the house in Woodinville for the day to check in, get some stuff done, and bring the Lancer to the property to sell. I was in the Lancer and Michelle was in the Escape on the way home. About 5 minutes into the drive someone called who wanted to look at the car now. I texted Michelle:
    1. Get off at Costco someone wants to get the car
    2. 85th is where Costco is
    3. You there?
    4. Waiting for the guy
    5. Showing the car
    6. Sold the car
    7. Having him drop me off at Prodata
    8. You there?
    9. Eventually Michelle answered one of my phone calls. She had made it all the way to Tacoma. She turned around and picked me up. Only cost her about an hour and change of extra drive time.
  4. We had issues with time on the Excavators so we ended up buying a CAT 302.5 6,000 pound excavator for the property.
  5. Once we had the machine we did a bunch of leveling to prep the soil for grass. One day we rented a bobcat and Trenton and moved big piles of dirt here and there.
  6. I am paranoid of having things stolen due to past experiences. We bought a 40′ extra tall container to store the Excavator in while it’s not in use. Having 4 big ole pad locks on steal doors makes our stuff more secure. We setup some shelves in the 40 footer and moved most of our stuff out of the 20 footer, then moved all of my tools into the 20 footer. – made the property a great deal more secure
  7. Trenton and I built a deck on front of the shed, and another on the side. On the side deck Michelle and I set up an outdoor kitchen.
  8. We married Michelle’s tall brother off to Jessica. I was the minister, and Michelle hung out with the kids and looked pretty.
  9. Had Mila’s first birthday party at the property.
  10. Moved Marty out – this is going to take a long to get used to. Marty has lived with me longer then Michelle has. Marty is taking a year off to ride his motorcycle around South America. –

Now for a few pictures


Family picture from the wedding

Before the excavator

After some dirt moving

Container coming in for a landing

Container loaded up with the Excavator

The shed with a mess, and some new decks

Excavator showing up fresh from the dealer with very few scratches

Michelle moving her first rock

The Petersons taking pictures before the wedding

Maddex after his average good of playing in his sand box.

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