Sunday update XVll

So much has happened since coming back to work after the month off. A quick bullet of big bits:

  • Last night was our first night staying in the new house.
  • We bought a new house a few miles from the property to live in while we build. I’ve been watching houses within 5 miles of the property for a while now looking for a place to live in. This one on Nelson came up that caught my eye. They dropped the price quickly which made me think they were motivated. The listing says it needs a new roof so I know it is going to be hard to finance. We made a, sight unseen, asshole, lowball, all cash offer and they accepted the offer. – When I received the email from the realtor telling me we gotten the house my response was “oh crap” we went out and looked the place that night and decided we might as well buy it.
  • After closing on the house we put a new roof on it. Took Trenton and I two days to take all of the old roofing off and replace a number of sheets of plywood on the room, and to frame over the skylights. Then it took us another day and a half with the help of Ted the roofer to roof it. All in we spent about 3k on a 23 square roof.

Started this last Sunday – maybe I can finish it this Sunday.

  • Trenton and I tore out the hardwood in the main room, then we laid down some new snap together hardwood. Michelle left to get us lunch as we were laying the first row. When she got back we’d finished and moved all of the furniture back into the room.
  • We had internet hooked up at the house. Super slow at 4MB but it is better than nothing. Much better than nothing considering we’re in a cell coverage black hole where we have about half a bar. Odd because 2 miles away at the property we have full bars LTE with 30MB download speeds on our phones.
  • Maddex is 100% day time potty trained. Down to one pull-up a night while he is sleeping. Next step, we need to teach him it is ok to leave his room at night if he needs to use the wash room. We have a night light in there that shuts off in the morning when he can get up. He’s been trained so well he refuses to leave his room while the light is on even if that means filling up his diaper. Training kids. Sometimes you win, sometimes you create your own problems.
  • Installed a new dishwasher in the kitchen this morning. We did not have one before, but we did have the hole for one. Install was simple, and Michelle is happy with her choice in washers.
  • When we moved in we upgraded from couch bed 1.2 at the Woodinville house to couch bed 2.0 at the new place. We have a sectional couch in the living room with a queen sized memory foam mattress on top. Makes a great snuggle zone for the entire family. Couch bed is a must
  • Trenton bought another rx7. This time he purchased a hard top YEAH!!! – And the cost was low enough he was able to pay for it all on his own. Other then the James bond smoke screen feature the car seems to be fairly solid.

Feels like we’ve been going nonstop for the last few weeks moving and getting this new place ready. I am ready for a break, and a road trip or something. I think it is time to go to California for a week. Good thing I have a few weeks of use it or lose it vacation on the books and a wife and kids who love road trips.

Trenton ripping roofing off the roof

Couch bed setup before we replaced the floor

Michelle helping clean up the mess of the floor

Another shot of Trenton up on the roof with Nick helping out

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