Two weeks of Commuting – Math and Metros

I might be a nerd and love numbers, or I might not be; you decide. I’ve been keeping track of how long it takes me to drive to and from work each day I’ve been commuting. The commute is 60.3 miles each way according to the phone and the OD. Based on the numbers for two weeks of commuting it’s taking me on average 70 minutes each way. Broken down it’s taking me longer to get to work due to traffic at the 16/I5 interchange, and 405 heading north. Traveling home is about 10-12 minutes shorter at 11pm at night I’ve not run into much traffic.

You can see the raw numbers below. The red tick on Wednesday the 4th is indicating I did not drive directly to work so the time is not 100% accurate; it’s my best guess.

My commuting car is a 1996 Geo Metro. I did all of the math for cars and mileage, etc and due to the low price to acquire there is nothing that competes budge wise with the Metro. I looked at a Leaf, with 89 miles of range, it would be able to get me the 60 miles to and from work most likely. The Leaf costs about 30k – the same price as 20 Geo Metros. The leaf takes 7 hours to fully charge. At work we have charge stations but they cost 0.50$ an hour or 3.50$ to fill up to drive home. The metro is averaging 58 MPG to and from work. I pay about 3.50 for a gallon of gas. For the cost to drive the Leaf and the Metro is within 10-20 cents, but the cost to buy the metro made the metro win.

Looked at a Prius C, which I can find for about 20k – the price of 15 metros. The Prius gets similar mileage to the metro so the commute cost would be within 10 -20 cents each way like the leaf. But like the leaf the cost to purchase is far more then the metro. With the Metro being so cheap I can afford to buy a new one once a year for the next 10 years and I still come out ahead vs. buying anything else. Once I have enough metros I will reach a critical mass where I have enough Metros where I will have all of my own parts and I can stop buying more metros. I can simply fix my primary Metro then maintain a backup.

As Michelle would say ” I have set my metro up PHAT” – I’ve installed some sound deadening in the back. Fixed the A/C, installed a new stereo, put in a cup holder, front area organize, and installed mounts for a Kindle Fire and my Phone. The fire I use to listen to Audio books from Overdrive (Library’s) and Audible. The phone is mounted to charge and or display trip statistics. I love the mounts I ended up with to mount the nerd stuff. The mounts of course came from amazon – for the phone and for the tablet.

Below you can see an image of the nerd setup in the Metro.


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