Metro Power – Towing Week

A few weeks ago I had a bad car week. It’s slightly comical thinking about it with everything fixed – or at least I tell myself these things

Wednesday, my Monday, Maddex and Mila were not feeling well. Maddex puked all over the house. Mila filled her diaper all day long and both kids were not moving much. Michelle had them covered so I went into work. Made it to Exit 5 on 405 when traffic stopped and my Metro died with steam coming out of the hood. Called AAA and had my car towed to parents’ house to work on it in the garage there. The water pump died on the car and all of the water leaked out. I already had the day off work by this time due to the car breaking so I put in a new water pump, and went home for the night.

By the time I made it home I started to vomit as Trenton had. Which started the worst sickness I can recall. 24 hours of pain, and fluid loss. By the time I was back to life on Friday I had lost 9 pounds of stuff from my body. Horrible horrible sickness. Luckily it was only 24 hours long. I don’t know if I could have handled another day of sickness.

Friday morning Michelle said she was not feeling sick so I drove to work. Made it to the same exit on 405 when my I again hit traffic and my car died from overheating. Called AAA and had them tow me home again. On the way home Michelle called and told me she had caught what I had. Picked up the kids in the tow truck and took them to my parents’ house to put a new radiator in the metro. The problem with the car for tow two was the bottom of the radiator blew off. My guess is the added pressure of a working water pump caused too much pressure – my guess proved to be wrong Saturday night.

Saturday Michelle is finally better, kids are good, and I made it to work without the car breaking down. Saturday on the way home my car over heated due to a busted water hose and I had to be towed home again. The third tow in a single week burnt up all of my free AAA tows. The next town is going to cost me 150$ out of pocket so I better work out the issue and fix the car this time around. After replacing the hose the car was mostly running, but still building pressure. From the looks of it my Radiator cap was bad and not relieving pressure in the cooling system. 6$ later I replaced the cap and it felt like my car was going to make it for a while – it made it to and from work for the rest of the week.

To give me piece of mind I went out and built a nice tool kit of the car, added a few gallons of water to my in car stock pile, along with replacement hoses for the entire car, a tent to work in the rain, some cloths to work on the car in and some other random bits. The car made it to work for the next without too much issue but it was not running as it should. When you only have 47 horse power in your car anything not running right is noticed.

Tuesday of this week I put the car back in the garage and replaced the head gasket. Even with the radiator cap working there was still pressure in the engine building up, and the water was starting to get a bit milky. I figured the head gasket went out leaking cylinder pressure into the water jacket. After taking the head off you could clearly see where the gasket had failed. I am sure it was one of the four times I’ve over heated the car in the last few months. With a new hard gasket, new plugs and a new belt the car is running great. Only thing left on my list of repairs is a wheel balance, all of the weights seem to be missing, and replacing the muffler due to it having holes in it.

First tow of the week

Second tow – did not get a shot of the third tow, it was dark and I was sleepy

The mighty 3 cylinder with a new head gasket.

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