Sunday update XVll

So much has happened since coming back to work after the month off. Started this blog post 8/28 – I should get better and finishing these things. A quick bullet of big bits:

  • Last night we our first night in the new house.
  • We bought a new house a few miles from the property to live in while we build. I’ve been watching houses within 3 miles of the property for a while now looking for a place to live in. This one on Nelson came up that caught my eye. They dropped the price quickly which made me think they were motivated. The listing says it needs a new roof so I know it is going to be hard to finance. We made a sight unseen asshole, lowball, all cash offer and they accepted the offer. – When I received the email from the realtor telling me we got the house my response was “oh crap” we went out and looked the place that night and decided we might as well buy it.
  • After closing on the house we put a new roof on it. Took Trenton and I two days to take all of the old roofing off and replace a number of sheets of plywood on the roof, and to frame over the skylights. Then it took us another day and a half with the help of Ted the roofer to roof it. All in we spent about 3k on a 23 square roof between labor and materials.
  • The list of things we’ve done on the house keeps growing.
    • Michelle has painted almost every wall in the house. It was odd pastel colours when we moved in. Now it is more earth tones to match our last house.
    • We replaced the floor in the living room and the kitchen.
    • Put in some granite in the kitchen
    • Installed a new washer and dryer
    • Replaced the Shower controls in both bathrooms
    • Replaced the power panel with some hot SquareD action vs. the one with a busted main bus.
    • Leveled out the yard and put in some new grass
    • Brought in a few dump truck loads of gravel – and one of sand to make Maddex a sand box
    • Replaced a deck in front of the back door
    • And some other stuff I am sure I am missing out on remembering. There’s a big pile of work we’ve completed on the house.
  • Michelle is having so much fun with the house stuff she has actually mentioned that she might be ok flipping houses in the future when we finish building the one we are planning on living in long term.
  • We installed some water lines, power lines, and conduits in the ground then planted a lawn at the property. My theory about installing water lines is; I have a hole already, so I might as well put in 2″ conduit with a pull string, and a 10/2 underground wire so I have a 20 amp circuit, I better put in a hydrant, and control box with stubs for future what evers. The water line itself is run at least 2 feet deep and at least 1 1/2″ pipe, I do own an excavator so ditches are cheap. All of this goes in the ground because you never know what you might need in the future and we plan on living here for a long time. The down side to this theory is the cost of the ditch. Pipe and wire and hudrants don’t come cheap.
  • Maddex has gone full on potty trained – WINNING!!! He even made a road trip to San Diego and back without any accidents other than trying to pee on his mom out the car door when he was peeing on the side of the road and mom got a bit too close.
  • We took a road trip to California to see Adam and perform his wedding ceremony. On the way to LA we stopped in San Diego to see the Etie’s of course. To keep the kids happy Michelle finds us parks every few hours to stop at for the kids to play. If we are doing well we find public spray parks where the kids can get wet and cool off. We found some pretty awesome parks on our trip.
  • We upgraded to Couch bed 2.0 – and the upgrade is working out awesomely. Everyone needs a couch bed in their living room. The entire family can snuggle on one couch in total comfort.
  • Setup the Sauna in our bedroom and Maddex and I are back to sauna time
  • Maddex and I have taken up Yoga as well. He is in love with it. Asks me to do it with him all the time. Picks out new videos to follow, and has a great time doing it. He makes about 80% of the moves and follows along for a good 15 minutes.
  • We visited with Shelly at universal studios in LA, and toured around the shops there.
  • Maddex and Michelle have become a bit obsessed with building Mega tracks out of wooden train track pieces. They have so many pieces now they are can cover most of the living room floor.

And now for the pictures.

Trenton working on the roofing project

Couch Bed 2.0 –

Eties in San Diego

Adams wedding in the back yard

The Famdamily at universal studios

Laying out the granite tiles for the counter top

Michelle painting something

Dads yard rake that I borrowed to use before planting grass

Running a water line in the fog

Maddex and I in the Sauna reading some Sherlock Holmes

Michelle working with Maddex on a Mega track


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