Gave up

I’ve officially given up on the Metro. The fixing and issues are not the motivator for the move. I’m confident all of the things have been fixed on the car and it will be issue free for the next 10k+ miles. What made me give up on Metro is my arse. It was starting to go numb when I would drive the car, and starting to stay number afterwards. Nerve damage is not a joke Joyce. I tried cushions, towels, pads, sitting differently, and not even sitting on the seat for part of the ride, but I was not able to find comfortable in the seat. The more I drove the more my butt was becoming more numb in places. A new seat to solve my numb butt problem for the metro would run about 300$. 300$ for a new seat was too much – the line had been crossed

The Metro is gone, now I have a space ship car, as Michelle and Maddex call it. For the price of two Metros I went out and bought a 2002 Honda Insight – one of the few cars with a manufactures/EPA rated better mileage then the Metro. The insight is an electric assist hybrid based on the Prius I design licensed by Honda from Toyota.

With the Insight I am pulling in about 65 miles per gallon to and from work. Which saves me about 2$ a day, 8$ a week, 400$ a year. The next phase of my master plan is to install a plug in charging unit, and an assist / regeneration control switch. If I play the drive for mileage game correctly these tools should all me to hit 75+MPG and save an additional 2$ a day vs the metro on the commute.


The insight is a massively more comfortable car vs. the metro; I am very happy driving it around. The insight shows to me how my priorities have changed with age. When the insight first came out it was the ugliest car ever in my mind and I would never ever never ever ever own one. Now I love the car because it gets super mega great mileage and it is comfortable to drive – getting old and stuff.

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