Burying Money

We finally obtained permits and sold the house we accidently bought. By the time this is posted we’ll be moved out of the house staying in the fifth wheel at the property starting the construction chapter of our family story. With the move coming up we’ve been working to have cable installed to have internets. We had to extend waves cable plant about 1,300 feet from their last node to the termination point on our property.

After working with wave the cost for the cable extension came in far less than the original quote for 10$ a foot. To make the price drop happen we trenched the drive way (about 800′) and ran RG11 in the trench to our transformer and RG9 from the transformer to our termination point. While we were at it we ran 2 gauge triplex to power the driveway and a gate, plus a 2″ conduit to run fiber down for cameras, sensors and gate controls. The 2 Gauge was chosen due to some Ohms law math. X feet over Y gauge at Z voltage = Q voltage loss. With 800 feet in the run we had to go down to 2 gauge to end up 109 volts at the end of the run, or step up to 460 volts on the feed and step down at the end. I wanted plugs along the driveway so the step up and down transformers were out due to cost.

While we had the driveway open we ran 2″ conduit from the shed to the house for network, 8/3 wire for temp power, 3″ conduit for the 400 amp house service, and 1.5″ water line for house supply. It’s been two weeks of burying money for me. For Michelle it’s been two weeks of closing down the Nelson house and moving everything to the aqua property. We are up to 3 storage containers to put our stuff in and setup a work shop. This weekend we’ll finish off setting up and next weekend we hope to start on the septic system install. It’s good to have a place to dump the trailer.

now for some pictures.

Container drive getting stuck in a mud hole on the drive in

Container being dropped into place

All three lined up ready to securely store things

Bought a new truck to haul stuff to the property. Full of conduit and wire here

Driveway no longer useable due to 2′ wide trench and mound of dirt

Trench became a creek where the container got stuck. Ended up putting in curtain drain drained the water in a pond of the other side of the road

Running Co-ax to the Transformer, and CAT6e. You can see the spool 500′ of the 2 gauge came on in the back

All kinds of money in the ground here about to covered with soil

Trench filled in. you can see the left over pea gravel Trenton dropped off for the curtain drain.





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