More money in the Dirt

Since last we visited our house building hero he has placed even more money into the dirt, with a small amount, finally, visible to the naked eye. Looking at some of these picture one might get the impression that I am obsessed with conduit? Well they might be right. I’ve actually run out of wall space to put holes in one corner of my shed. I need to figure out a different way to bring conduits and cables into the building. Major accomplishments over the last few weeks are as follows in the pictures.

Septic tank was delivered and installed. Crazy talk, but, It’s more than digging a hole to install one of these. The hole needs to have a level bottom, be the right size, and the tank needs to be the correct depth to have gravity drop from the house, and drop to the drain field with a max depth of the field based on the design numbers. I had to do math to dig a hole.

All of the conduits I’ve run over the last few months entering the shed. – Yes I am obsessed

The newest run of conduits running into the shed before covering them with dirt. No more room for more in the ground unless It take a different path.

Ordered a custom 900′ SC to SC fiber cable from Infinity cables out of Canada. Not only was it a great price but it looked amazing on the roll. They even added a pull hook to the end of the cable, super sexy. I took a bunch of pictures of the cable to keep under my pillow. Took about 20 minutes to pull the cable hand over hand down the conduit.

The TP link Fiber termination box in the shed

Fiber termination at the front of the driveway complete with more conduits, and overhead Foscom 720P HD security camera to watch the gate and Road. I am thinking about putting a night light to help me see the gate at midnight when I get home, and another low quality camera pointing down the driveway I can use as a motion sensor.

A view the other side complete with view of the conduits.

Starting to put the footings in. Before I can pour cement need to run all of the conduits through the footings for power, and water, and speakers, network, ETC that will be external to the main house.

Finally something to be seen by people other than me looking at my gorgeous conduits. I’ve started making bricks for the exposed side of the house. The first few batches have not turned out with the right colouring. I’ll get it right sooner or later with more practice, and in the mean time I can use the not so pretty bricks for the shed.



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