Five Years

When you look at my resume I’ve change jobs on average every 18 months. On my birthday this year I will have been in my current position for 3 years; yes I was hired on my birthday. Microsoft keeps track of the total time you have worked for the company / your seniority does not reset when you leave and come back When you add the first time I worked at Microsoft as a full time blue badge with the time I have worked here this time around in May you end up at five years.

Every five years Microsoft acknowledges your tenure as an employee with a different coloured, sized crystal. The first one, at five years is blue. In May I was awarded my first ever award for longevity with a company. At this point in my life I’m thinking my goal is the orange 15 year crystal then I will retire.

My five year award crystal

In building 92 we have a display of all of the award crystals.

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