Progress – Part I

Finally feel like we are making some progress on the house. Much of the work we’ve been doing up to now has been below the surface and vanishes once it is installed and covered. The below image taken from the top of the trailer shows the footings mostly laid out. Granted they will eventually end up covered. For now they make the house feel more real to me because they will be visible for the next few months, and everything grows from them. Next to the tarp shed in white is all of the Quadlock foam for the walls. Next to the foam is the steal for the floor and walls.

Ordered an 8MP game camera to mount where this picture was taken to collect Time elapse images of the rest of the project. I like this angle. Might mount a video camera on the pole with the game camera as well. Drainfield is in to be inspected next week. Footing will be done this weekend to be inspected next week as well. Hope to pour some mud next week. Then things will start to fly. More pictures and description of the progress.

Maddex and I have been making more bricks for the exposed sections of the house.

One of the colour sample selections I came up with. We are leaning towards the natural grey cement colour.

Bought a 5000′ spool of 1.5″ conduit to cover with cement and run wires through

Planted two 4″x6″ treated posts 3′ into the ground and ran a 2″ steal pipe between them to use as a roll for the conduit.

We setup mega shade tarp, but it turned out to be a bit larger than anticipated. Back to the drawing board on the tarp for the time being.

Michelle was a big help setting the infiltrators for the drain field.

Then Maddex got involved and was telling her what to do.

Then Trenton showed up to help.

And Maddex had to tell him what to do to

Ever wonder what it looks like inside of the infiltrators?

Maddex must have no feeling in his feet. I triped him in Costco and one of his shoes came off. The brown on the floor in front of him is the file of dirt and rocks that came out of his shoe. That pile was not all of the soil in his shoe there was more.



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