Approvals – we have some

More progress was had last week; official paper work progress. Last week our septic system was approved by the designer then the health department. Maddex and I filled that hole in; more money in the ground. Septic system ended up costing about 4500$ for a four bedroom gravity septic system:

  • 2500$ for materials =900$ for the tank, 1100$ for the infiltrators, 500$ in pipe, glue, connectors, lids, distribution box, ETC.
  • 10o0$ for the design
  • 1000$ to the county building department and health department for the permitting and inspecting – sad face the government overhead was one of the most expensive parts.

This morning the county building inspector showed up and approved our footings. On the way to work I called Ed with Miles sand and Gravel to work out concrete terms, and Gordon Boyer concrete pumping to work out a line pump. Mud arrives Tuesday next week around noon, come on over and help = ] . Between pump and Cement we’re looking at about 2000$ to pour 18 cubic yards of concrete into the footings.

Michelle was a huge help with the footings. She spent the better part of two days, one of them the hottest day on record for the day in all of the recorded history in the area, setting all of the vertical #7 bars in the forms. She said “is there anything I can do to help” I gave her all kinds of things to help with, and everything on that list is done. No way this place would be happening without the amazing supportive wife who I like to call Baby.

For footing forms we used a product called form-plastic from a Gig Harbor company. Code and my obsession with over engineering called for a 12″ deep by 24″ wide footing. Not having footing panels made me look for alternative products. I found Terry’s form plastic system on craigslist of all places. For 500$ we purchased all of the expandable plastic footing forms, metal hangers for rebar, and stakes needed for about 300 linier feet of 24×12 footings. This YouTube video demonstrates how quick and simple it is to use the product. The forms come flat packed already assembled, you fold them out, stake the in, level and done.. To level you use a one way tension washer to hold the form up on the fiberglass stake. Crazy simple.

We ordered all of the steal and Quad-Lock forms from west coast concrete supplies in Pacific, WA – Jan was my salesman there, and he took excellent care of us. Max the delivery driver came out with two loads over the course of a few weeks. One load of steal, and one load of foam. We ordered #7 bar for the verticals in the wall and Michelle placed those 32″ on center. We ordered standard #4 bar for the horizontals in the footings and the wall, footing Mesh steel, and a whole lot of Quad-lock stuff. It was about 3000$ for steal, and 5000$ for Quadlock foam, and steel mounting rails.

Mounted the super sweet construction camera on the side of the trailer; Mega super Ninja Ghetto setup. Used a 16′ 2×8 and some trim board for the height. Set the board on the side of the trailer and tied it off to the other side with rope to keep from falling. Then used Red Solo cups for rain guards on the wire plugs. Mounted on the Trim board is a 9 mega pixel gamer camera to capture high quality building time elapse images, and a 720p Foscam camera for real time progress. – Whenever I watch the progress came from work I don’t see much progress happening. I leep looking hoping for little gnomes to do work.

Now for the pictures of this week’s progress

Super Sweet ramp the kids used to make it over the footings

Maddex cut up the last Trampoline we bought from Scott – We bought them a new one with a cage.

Super Awesome Ghetto camera setup.

Example of the view from the real time construction Foscam camera – Need to check the gamecam soon

Michelle setting some of the verticals after I leveled out all of the things

Septic tank, Dbox, and the drain field

Dbox and drain field – more money in the ground.



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