Footing Pour

Poured the footings today – Feel’s like we are finally making some progress. Feels like part of the house has finally been built. I’m doing well with materials estimations so far; proud of myself. Ended with 2 Extra sticks of 1″ bar for the horizontal supports, and ¼ yard of left over concrete. The volume of the pour was 16 yards, and I ordered 20 yards thinking the base of the footings was not level, and the footings would bulge a bit.

Way over estimated the labor needed. Last time I used a line pump was way back in the 90’s and they did not have remote controls. I figured I would be running the hose and want to switch off in the middle. Living in the future the pump is operated by wireless remote and pump driver runs the pump for you. We used Gordon Boyer construction for the pumping. Who did such a brilliant job we signed him up to pump the walls and the floor. He lives near my parents, making him local, and I enjoy using local quality independent companies.

Yesterday morning I had 4 helps coming to help me. Then I was down to one. Made some calls and ended up with two replacements, then found an Extra, then Dad came to help, and Trenton’s gal brought her brother. Come time to work we had too many workers; much better than too few. The best random act of the universe came yesterday at a funeral of all places.

One of my father’s longtime friends used to be an electrical contractor before converting to his current job as a state electrical inspector. We were talking to him yesterday and he asked how the house was coming. I told him we were pouring the footings tomorrow and he asked I had my Ufer. Having no clue what a Ufer was I thought he was picking on me. Then he explained a Ufer is a ground using the rebar in the footings, and it is pretty much the only allowed grounding method in WA state. Came home after the funeral, read internet things then installed 2 Ufers 20′ apart. Crisis mitigated.

Now for some pictures.

Pump truck running off of the first truck, and the second truck showing up – scheduling was great.

Crew working on troweling and skreeting the concrete as Gordon pumps.

Ladder ramp we setup to get the hose over the wall. Strapped it down with Bungle straps so it did not come off

Coming around the first corner – footings are holding up fine.

Let me take a Selfie!!!

Some of my workers left their prints in the footing.

The finished product. The right of the picture you can almost make out the two 10 foot high Ufers

Another finished product picture with the break time shade tent we setup visible. Always good care of your workers.

Special thanks to my Helpers. Trenton, Noah, Mahayla, Bruce, Dad, Brandon, Evan. Never to be forgotten thanks to the wife. Without her support none of this would be possible. – Today was an awesome day of progress.

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