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Finally the house is starting to take shape. Michelle is getting excited about the building now. Finally something she can see and help with, and something we can see. We’ve spent the last week working with EPS foam Legos building the exterior walls of the house. The Quadlock stuff is actually fun to build with. We started out by shooting a steal rail into the footings with a .27 caliber powder actuated nailer; basically a 22 pistol shooting nails into concrete. Once the rail was down we set the first row of EPS foam blocks into the rail, placed plastic ties on top of the foam every 12″on center, lay down a layer of rebar, repeat 8 more layers to provide us with 9′ tall walls.

We’d have more done if it was not so bloody hot and sunny out. We’re working in the morning before it gets too hot and the sun beats down too hard, and in the evening when we have shade and it has cooled down a bit. Heat is one thing, heat with bright sun radiation burring you all over the place is another. I am betting I’m burning a year of younger looking skin off of my body with all of the sun exposure from this building project. Oh well, it will be worth it to have a house again.

Some pictures of the progress

The first brick laid out to work dimensions for the inner rail.

Michelle laying out some walls before she tied up all of the rebar

Michelle tying up the horizontal rebar

Working on the fourth foot of one of the side walls

Momma and kids proud of their days work

Maddex and I made a slide out of some of the tie boxes. The plastic helped him slide quicker

Mila even went for a slide or three

Example of the view from the second entry door

Looking down into a Lego corner

View down the wall

Looking down the inside of the wall at Maddex

Michelle working on the wall while I am work

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