First Construction Video

When we started I put a game camera up on a pole to capture the construction. I finally made it round to bringing the pole down to extract the pictures. I wish there were more pictures of the action, but there was still enough to stick together a short video of the construction so far. When I put the camera back up I turned up the sensitivity and the number of pictures it takes to collect a greater volume of action shots. Down side to more sensitivity, I’m going to end up deleting piles of pictures in editing to make a video the next video. More editing for a better video is worth it to me.

Quick update. All of the bracing has been finished, J-bots installed, and removed, planking installed on the braces, metal rail leveled out on top of the walls, and inspection has been passed. The inspector laughed at us when he noticed we tied in all of the J-bolts. He said he keeps telling the main office to remove the requirement because it is stupid. Wet setting the bolts in the mud is what he approves of. Wet setting is what we are going to end up doing; annoying that Michelle spent so much time tying the bolts in.

Monday Miles Concrete is going to start bring truck loads of concrete at 6am one an hour until we have full walls. Thinking 5 trucks will be enough to fill the void in between the foam. Now for a few pictures

Current Tower cam view at time of writing

Bracing and walk way view

Maddex hanging out on top of the wall checking out the inside

Michelle working on putting the J-bolts in

Different view of the house from below.

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