Mud in the Walls

When last we left our Fearless Builders the concrete trucks were going to roll in and pour 45+ cubic yards into the walls with a line pump. The trucks started coming at 6:00 in the morning. Our Pump operator was a bit late, but once he showed up everything went smooth. We did not have any blowouts in the walls, or issues with the mud. Only took about 6 hours to fill the walls. We went around three times pouring 3 foot lifts each time until the walls were filled to the top. I vibrated by hand with a 10′ long ½” PVC pipe. Quadlock does not recommend vibration in the corners.

After the walls were filled I went and smoothed out the mud and set the JBolts. By the time I was done setting the bolts dad showed up to help, but there was nothing left to do other then watch the trucks clean out and leave. We let the mud setup for week or so, then started on the top plates. Mr. Martin Mainer helped with first layer of top plates. The first plate layer was 2×12″ treated boards, topped by 2×6″ normal boards. Any lumber touching concrete has to be treated due to concretes damp nature.

After we put the plates up I had Mr. Bart Lovely over to talk about trusses and he did not like the idea of trusses. He suggested we use a glulam down the middle and place the SIP roof panels on the beam. The more he talked about his vision the more it made sense. I went to an engineer and the SIP panel manufacturer to have them work out all the numbers. Only took them a day to provide me with 40 pages of engineering saying no problem. Took those to the county to file for a change request and it took them 10 working days to approve the changes.

Once everything was approved we gave Arrow Lumber the 2400$ for the Glulams, and 22,000$ to Premier SIPS for the roof panels. At arrow we dealt with Bob who continues to be extremely helpful. He even pointed out things to me in the engineering I missed making sure I had the right materials and knew how to put them together. Premier Sip I dealt with Matt and Todd; both were truly brilliant – if you want contacts I would be more than happy to provide them. Todd went above and beyond and loaned me his personal SIP lift plates to use on my project. Great experiences with all of the suppliers I’ve been dealing with.

And now for some pictures

Michelle up on the wall putting in the J-bolts we took out after being inspected

More J-blot work – we put all of the Quad lock stickers to the front of the building to show off the name. we like this stuff

Maddex hanging out on top of the wall checking out all of the rebar work

Front wall all setup and ready to pour

Even doing the hard job of dragging around the line pump hose

You can see the line pump hook hanging on top of the wall while we wait for another truck

Truck and line pump delivering sweet hot concrete action to the walls

Walls all smoothed off with J-bolts installed

Marty working on top plates

Maddex helping the truck driver tie down his load after he dropped off some water proofing.

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