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According to the internet’s weather people we had a limited number of days before rain (5) and I wanted to keep the never wet wood of the roof panels from become previously wet wood. Due to time and my wanting to be 100% sure the roof was not going to have any issues, we hired a roofer to install the composition roofing material on top of the SIP panels. Before we were ready for them to come out I needed to install end caps on the roof, trim out the roof, then build a roof over the formal entry on the front of the house.

Day after the help left I started in on the trim. Trenton’s friend Cody came over and helped me for a few days hanging all of the trim around the edges of the roof. We made filler panels for the bottom of the SIPs. We required 13″ x 1.5″ lumber to fill the ends. We used ¾” OSB, cut it to the 13 inches required on a 22.5 degree angle and glued two pieces together. We filled the holes then placed the trim over the panels. Michelle came along afterwards and caulked the trim, then painted it Tardis blue.

The back roof took me about 2 days to build on my own. I wanted to be done in a day but there are a pile of math and angles to cut when you make a roof at a 90 degree angle to another roof, and those numbers are not in my core competency bucket. Lack of experience only slowed me down a smidge, it did not stop me at all. The roof was fished in time for the roofers to start on a dry day. They end up delayed a day due to truck failure. Took them 4 days to roof with the day off in the middle, vs the 2 days I had hoped for. Somehow we managed to stay dry before we felt papered the house and sealed it up. One of the days we were working on the roof there were tornados and huge down pours reports around us, but we stayed dry

Thanks rain people for being wrong and nice and letting us keep the roof dry even with the delay.

Some pictures of the process

Maddex hanging out on the roof. He loved being on the roof

Whole family on the roof minus the baby – she was sleeping. You can see the current living quarters in the background

Front entry without the roof on it

Roof framed over the entry

Washington cedar placing the roofing material on the roof for us

Setting up one of the solar tubes with some ladders and scaffolding

Front of the house mostly roofed with the tube domes sticking up

Back of the house mostly finished

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