Hot Radiant Action

Michelle set us a goal, Doors by Xmass. I don’t think we’ll make all of the doors in but we might make one up. Over the last few weeks we laid down the 6mm vapor barrier, the R10 worth of EPS foam, the 6″ square steel mesh, about ~2500′ or ½ Mr. Pex tubing using ~3,000 zip ties. This morning the inspector came out and we passed yet another inspection firs time out; almost like we know what we are doing

Now for some pictures

Hanging ball pit over some plastic and EPS

Michelle finishing up some of the leveling

Foam all done and some Mesh going down

Some PEX on the ground

Maddex cutting zip tie ends off. He kept interest in this job for a few hours one day

Half of the house all done

Same half different view

Manifold all ready to go

Run names and lengths

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