Floor Install

Shortly after we passed foam inspection we poured 48 cubic yards of tinted concrete creating the finished floor. Michelle set us a goal of a floor before xmas. We made that goal by a few days. On 12/22/14 we had the floor installed. I’ve done concrete work before, we did the walls ourselves, I did all of the flat work for the 14×14 shed, but the floor is the finished product and it was a bigger job then I could do alone. We hired a crew to come in help with the pour and power trowel finish the floors. They did a brilliant job; very pleased with the outcome.

The tinting for the floor is priced based the amount of additive used to create colour. The one I first liked cost about twice the cost of the concrete per yard (91$ per yard), we picked a tint with a cost about 25% the cost of a yard. We pre cracked the concrete with zip strips on a 10′ basis to prevent odd looking cracks in the floor as it shrinks over time. All concrete cracks as it sets you have to plan for that and add places for it crack in a controlled fashion. Planning and installing zip strips done, our first crack showed up about 30 hours after we poured.

Some Pictures – all posts are about the pictures

Mud being pumped in and leveled

About half way done with the pour.

2/3 of the way done pouring and bull floating

Kids “smiling” in the last patch to be covered while we wait for the cleanup truck

Scott power troweling the top. Did this every hour or so for about 5 hours after the pour to give a smooth finish

Finished floor after applying the first coat of 30% acrylic sealer and harder. Put on two coats in the 12 hours after the concrete was set enough to walk on.

And, a few days later we have the first crack – we forgot to zip strip the door – mutter, all of the door bump outs cracked by the end of the week

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