Great MillFam Fire of 2015

After the fire as Michelle and I sat there watching trying to not think about what might have happened we both said words similar to “I was just thinking that heat lamp was dangerous and needed to turned off” Captain Hindsight is one smart Bro. We’ve never napped in the trailer before, but yesterday we did. Had we been in the house we’d be out a shed and a child. The house was loud due to fans to dry sheet rock mud, and the mudder was in the house working, so we napped in the trailer. The shed is about 20 feet from the trailer on the other side of the driveway. Inside the shed was Khaleesi sleeping.

Enter Kittens being warmed by a heat lamp, and MillFam napping in the trailer.

I honestly do not recall getting out of bed, leaving the trailer or approaching the fire. What I do recall is Michelle yelling the shed was on fire, saying what. My next memory is a flash of the front of the shed covered inflames, then burning my hand attempting to turn the water on in the flames. I could not get the loose hose turned on so I grabbed the white house we use for trailer water and started putting out the flames. As the flames started to become under control Michelle said Khaleesi was inside of the building sleeping.

I looked at the door and the flames and was hunkering down like a bull about to chare to run through the door when Ivan the mudder appeared in my vision with a glove and opened the scorching hot door and ran inside. He returned with Khaleesi and picked up a hose and started to help control the fire. That Man was a savior for our family. He put us in the right place napping, and brought our baby out of a burning building. I ran inside to check for fire and could not see anything due to smoke. I tore all of the furniture off of the wall on fire outside looking for fire, and thankfully found none. I opened a window and put a fan in it, then the smoke was too much and I ran back outside.

Told Michelle to get some bigger fans. We needed a box fan in the windows to move smoke. The outside was smoldering but not on fire anymore. still not sure if the inside was fire I ran back in with the more fans to move more smoke out of the place. I climbed into the loft looking for flame with a flash light to penetrate the smoke and found none. Smoke was too much so back outside again. This time I found flip flops for my feet which were in a great of pain by now. We have 1 ½ crushed rock in the driveway, and it turns out I’d walked through molten plastic gutter and tarp a few times burning the bottoms of my feet. The flip flops helped a bit. Somehow I had pants on. 99% of the time napping = no pants for me.

Michelle walked away with a small burn on her face, and I limped away with a ruined shirt and a number of cauterized holes in my flesh where molten plastic hit me, some contact burn spots from jumping into the fire, and some blistered feet. Khaleesi, before turning one has truly lived up to her name. She survived the womb where her sibling / competition did not, and she has survived a fire. I foresee Dragons, followed by an army of devoted followers next. Oh ya no kittens or cats were harmed in the fire. After wards they were jumping around frolicking near the shed as we looked at in shock. I am sure they were excited to have almost killed some humans; cats always plotting to kill you and all.

A few pictures to finish off the story.

Front of the shed after we called the fire out

Shed after some cleanup work

My foot as I’m sitting still in shock. Pain has not really set in yet.

Example of a few of the new holes in my flesh

One more example


The Last image from the video camera on the shed pointing at the trailer we were sleeping in

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