Readers and Book Lovers

One of top successes Michelle and I have had as parents is to create readers and book lovers. None of kids are readers yet, Maddex is close, but they are hard core book lovers. Before every nap we read books, before bed time we read books, when things are slow we’ll sometimes sit and read books, In the car we read out loud to the kids or we listen to audible. The kids request Audible in the car, not games or movies, they want to listen to a story. At bed time the kids pick out books to take to bed with them and read before falling sleep.

As a family one of our entertaining things is to shop goodwill outlet for books. The kids enjoy hunting for new books nearly as much as they enjoy hunting for new toys. It hit me today while cleaning up the kids room before bed time. Both Maddex and Mila have beds full of books. They go to sleep reading books with night lights after momma reads to them and we tuck them in; Proud realization. Michelle is slowly moving books into the house form the container. Last week we ran out of room on the kids book shelves. Guess we’ll need to pick up a few more for the kiddos

In addition to reading we’re working on science. July 4 was a 50% all things in goodwill day. We visited up three goodwills first thing in the morning and picked up a bunch of new games and puzzles. One of the bits we picked up was a snap circuit set unopened in the box for 3$ . Maddex and I have since spent many hours playing with it. He’s worked out how to read the “ka-drections” and create things all on his. While I was hanging out with the PhilFam this morning Maddex worked out how to build a Solar charger for the battery. He set it outside and adjusted the angle of the panel based on voltage gauge readings. I know this because he showed me afterwards.

Maddex’s bed all covered with the books he read at Nap time today

Mila’s bed with all of her books around her head. She likes to take the book I read her for nap time to bed with her

Books shelves full of books for the kids.

Maddex build a fan, and LED lights on Diodes

Maddex Showing me his Solar Charger.

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