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I have unlimited respect and admiration for Michelle’s job as mom of our three children. I do my best to help, and give her breaks, but wearing the shoes always provides new perspective. Today I took all three kids for the entire day. My first full day with no help from momma; from waking up to putting them all to bed. We had a great time and managed to accomplish a few things. I Gotta say, Momma sure has a rough job, but it’s a fun rewarding job. Michelle is off this week spending time caring for her mother who is undergoing thyroid procedure to deal with some cancer

The kids and I actually managed to accomplish a number of things today. With their help and anti-help??? / their slowing things down making things more difficult. We started the day off with breakfast at McDonalds on the way to Washington cedar to pick up a few squares of roofing to finish off the carport on the side of the shed. Our fresh one-year-old Khaleesi ate 90% of an entire sausage muffin in the car. Impressive how those front 6 teeth are working. As soon as we arrived at Washington Cedar all of the kids needed to use the washroom, Yeah!

We came home with the roofing, picked up the recycling bin while we opened the gate and the kids checked the mail then rode down the drive way in the trailer. We played for bit, unloaded the roofing, put Khaleesi down for a nap then the kids and I laid down some felt paper, starter, and the first 6 rows of roofing before Khaleesi woke up from her nap. After nap time we stopped by the bank then went to Costco for lunch and a to pick up couch. We’ve been wanting one, but money, and stuff, then what’s at Costco one day might not be there another day, so… we picked one up to surprise momma.

The line for lunch was a bit nuts so we picked up a couch and took off. Thankfully Costco assisted with loading the couch onto 2 flatbed carts through the checkout, then helped me load the 5 massive boxes into the trailer. Thanks Costco for helping a guy with three kids load a bunch of massive boxes. Not simpler with the kids, but it worked. When we got home we played in the house for a bit, cleaned up, had lunch then nap time. Sweet a quick break for dad. Momma always emails during nap time about how awesome naps are. I have a new deeper respect for nap time.

After nap time we unloaded the couch, set it up, and played in the boxes for a few hours before dinner and the bed time ritual. Currently I’m sitting here in the living room waiting for momma to return thinking wow momma has a tough job. Now for a few pictures.

Lean-too before we added some roofing

Where we ended up after nap time – maybe tomorrow we can finish

Maddex and I played some circuits before dinner – he built a light that changes colour based on sound

Super mega couch bed sitting zone mega extreme

Khaleesi eating with a spoon out of a bowl. She did surprisingly well.

The bonus picture of the day, Darren Jr – my baby brother and his girl had a baby today



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