Living in the future 2015 update

Somedays I’m living in the future its hard in the face, and I smile. Today’s living in the future adventure is brought to you by Ubiquiti powering some of the cool things in the MillFam home for most of the year. The problem / cause of going down this path — The cable modem and edge router are in a rack in the shed. The shed is on the other side of the yard from the house. When the internets die and it’s dark or raining or cold or alien invasion outside no one wants to walk all of the way over to the shed to reboot the cable modem. A few weeks ago the home network went down while I was at work. Michelle elected to leave internets down until I returned from work to reboot it.

We already run all of the Ubiquiti things for the network around the place and are very happy with the products. Figured the Cable modem solution to make momma happy would involve some IP addressable plug automation magic stuff. During research I discovered Ubiquiti has a thing called Mfi for home control and automation, so we gave it a try. We started out with a triple plug power strip in the shed and have been adding things from there because the stuff is awesome sauce.

The Mfi sensors run real time data down to the hundredth decimal point for heat and like trillionth decimal for watts. It then logs all of the data for weeks, months and years. Below is an example of some of the devices and sensors installed in the Millfam house so far.

The bit about living in the future hit me because of an email I wrote Michelle tonight. The emails goes a little something like this || Baby, was looking at the shed temp and was bit surprised how it was 66 in there. Was thinking wow shed is holding heat well. Then I looked at the weather station, (yes we have a publicly accessible weather station at home. Remember living in the future) The weather station indicates the high for the day was 76.1..

House temp for the last week

Shed day temp for the day

Shed temp for the week.


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