Fitbit HR vs Band V2

I’m a bit of a data junkie who randomly has periods where fitness works in my life. I’ve not done horrible over the last year I’m down 30 pounds and the Microsoft know your numbers thing says my BP and Cholesterol are better this year vs. last. But, always room to improve. Anyhow review my opinion time. I’ve had a fitbit and a band on for about a year now. My V1 band died due to being a human jungle gym and having kids that like to play on my arm, and due to wearing it while wearing a house.

I’ve thought about the fitbit with GPS but the Band screen is awesome vs the fitbit screen, and it’s not horrible for me to wear both so I will keep on wearing both. Work reimbursed me for both so cost is not really a concern for me with this choice. If cost mattered, I would purchase the fitbit max level then put the band in my amazon cart and hope my wife “accidently” did not notice there and bought it next time she buys something. End up some great toys using this method.

Fitbit HR

  • Near real time heat rate monitoring – Makes Kev happy
  • Fitbit has five years of my data. It fun looking back to track progress or see what I was doing what day, or watch how my patterns have changed with kids and jobs, and sleep.
  • Charging during showers every day is enough to keep going for ever power wise
  • Stairs seem to be more accurate vs. the Band.
  • I own the fitbit scale and use it
  • My BP monitor also uploads to the fitbit site
  • Fitbit has lots of data and lets me hunt around
  • The clasp and charge HR is watch like and not “cool”








Band v2—

  • Heart rate is still not real time – this makes me sad face
  • Fitbit uploads to health vault so Band has some of my data, but not full fidelity
  • V2 has stairs finally – but does not seem perfect. I did like 400 flights one day
  • Charging during showers is not enough to keep the band doing it needs more charging
  • Band is comfy and clasp is pretty awesome. I play with it all the time as part of nervous twitches. Love the clasp and band fit
  • GPS data is ubber cool for running, even with the delay to find signal. I use the delay to encourage stretching
  • Band Tells me about Emails, Texts, face book, and Meetings
  • Last week in San Diego my band told me to put on sun screen, pretty cool feature to track UV
  • Band V2 is a massive improvement over v1. – that being said my band 1 is held together with glue and tap and peeling all over the place but it is still working. My band v2 is going in a box back to Microsoft tomorrow because it stopped charging. Sad face.


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